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2017 English Language Assistance Classes

ELA Classes Start Today!


  • You will be asked to attend ELA classes if your teachers or tutors have identified that you would benefit from additional English Language Assistance

  • Everyone can attend ELA! Regular attendance at ELA Classes will likely increase your GPA

  • Bring your own work/ questions to ELA to receive individual assistance with what YOU specifically need


Monday 11am L118 with Veronica

Wednesday 3pm L118 with Caroline

Thursday 11am LG10 with Rebecca

Thursday 12pm LG10 with Rebecca

Thursday 2pm LG10 with Caroline

Friday 3pm L118 with Caroline



 Moodle- ELA & IELTS


Complete ELA and IELTS activities on Moodle

  • These activities are self- paced

  • Sign up and complete activities at a time that suits you

  • Contact ELA/ IELTS teachers for assistance