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NEXT IELTS TEST DATES 2017 (St Lucia and Spring Hill)

Important information


  • The test dates on this page are current at the time of viewing.
  • If you have a special circumstance and want to apply for a test that is fully booked please write to us at ieltsregistration @  
  • You can view provisional results online 13 days after your test. 
  • Your official Test Result Form (TRF) can be collected from ICTE-UQ or posted to you.
  • Test results can only be collected between 12.45 - 1.15pm on the 13th day after your test. For more information about the issue of test results click here.
  • ICTE-UQ accepts applications online, by post, and in person for all test dates. Online applications open approximately two months before the test date. If you want to apply early, please apply by post or in person.
  • If you are taking IELTS to migrate to the United Kingdom you cannot use an ICTE-UQ IELTS test result. For more information about which IELTS test you need to take and where you can apply click here


REMINDER!! DO NOT BOOK IELTS TESTS ON THE WEEKEND OF THE BIO FIELD TRIP IF YOU ARE IN TAKING BIOLOGY!!!! You MUST attend the Bio Field trip as part of your Biology Assessment requirements.


*Test result release date may be subject to variation by the Test Partners.  

August - December 2017

1. August 2017

Test dateModuleBrisbane venueStatusNo refunds/transfers afterResults release date
12 AugAcademicUQ St Lucia onlyCLOSED07.07.201725.08.2017
19 AugAcademicUQ St LuciaBook Now14.07.201701.09.2017
19 AugAcademicSpring HillBook Now14.07.201701.09.2017
19 AugGTUQ St LuciaBook Now14.07.201701.09.2017
19 AugGTSpring HillBook Now14.07.201701.09.2017
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2. September 2017

Test dateModuleBrisbane venueStatusNo refunds/transfers afterResults release date
9 SeptAcademicUQ St LuciaBook Now04.08.201722.09.2017
9 SeptAcademicSpring HillBook Now04.08.201722.09.2017
9 SeptGTUQ St LuciaBook Now04.08.201722.09.2017
9 SeptGTSpring HillBook Now04.08.201722.09.2017
16 SeptAcademicUQ St Lucia onlyBook Now11.08.201728.07.2017
30 SeptAcademicUQ St LuciaBook Now25.08.201713.10.2017
30 SeptAcademicSpring HillBook Now25.08.201713.10.2017
30 SeptGTUQ St LuciaBook Now25.08.201713.10.2017
30 SeptGTSpring HillBook Now25.08.201713.10.2017
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3. October 2017

Test dateModuleBrisbane venueStatusNo refunds/transfers afterResults release date
14 OctAcademicUQ St LuciaBook Now08.09.201727.10.2017
14 OctAcademicSpring HillBook Now08.09.201727.10.2017
14 OctGTUQ St LuciaBook Now08.09.201727.10.2017
14 OctGTSpring HillBook Now08.09.201727.10.2017
21 OctAcademicUQ St Lucia onlyBook Now15.09.201703.11.2017
28 OctAcademicUQ St LuciaBook Now22.09.201710.11.2017
28 OctAcademicSpring HillBook Now22.09.201710.11.2017
28 OctGTUQ St LuciaBook Now22.09.201710.11.2017
28 OctGTSpring HillBook Now22.09.201710.11.2017
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4. November 2017

Test dateModuleBrisbane venueStatusNo refunds/transfers afterResults release date
4 NovAcademicUQ St LuciaBook Now29.09.201717.11.2017
4 NovAcademicSpring HillBook Now29.09.201717.11.2017
4 NovGTUQ St LuciaBook Now29.09.201717.11.2017
4 NovGTSpring HillBook Now29.09.201717.11.2017
11 NovAcademicUQ St LuciaBook Now06.10.201724.11.2017
11 NovAcademicSpring HillBook Now06.10.201724.11.2017
11 NovGTUQ St LuciaBook Now06.10.201724.11.2017
11 NovGTSpring HillBook Now06.10.201724.11.2017
25 NovAcademicUQ St Lucia onlyAvailable Soon20.10.201708.12.2017
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5. December 2017

Test dateModuleBrisbane venueStatusNo refunds/transfers afterResults release date
2 DecAcademicUQ St LuciaAvailable Soon27.10.201715.12.2017
2 DecAcademicSpring HillAvailable Soon27.10.201715.12.2017
2 DecGTUQ St LuciaAvailable Soon27.10.201715.12.2017
2 DecGTSpring HillAvailable Soon27.10.201715.12.2017
9 DecAcademicUQ St Lucia onlyAvailable Soon03.11.201722.12.2017
16 DecAcademicUQ St Lucia onlyAvailable Soon10.11.2017tba