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Terms of Enrolment


The program is for one year and all fees must be paid in advance in two instalments at the times specified in the IES Foundation Year brochure and on the fees and expenses section of this site.


1. IES agrees to refund within 28 days and without deduction, all fees paid where the student provides certified evidence that the application made by the student for a student visa was rejected by the Australian immigration authorities.

2. IES agrees to refund within 30 days of the receipt of written notice of cancellation by the student (or parent/guardian if student is under 18), fees paid by or on behalf of the student less the amounts to be retained as detailed below:

Until three calendar months prior to the scheduled beginning of the program there is applicable to all enrolments, a non refundable fee of AUD $300 to cover commissions payable to agents, marketing charges and administrative costs.

If notice of the cancellation is received between one and three calendar months prior to the scheduled beginning of the program, IES may retain that portion of the fees relating to administrative costs and course levies – AUD $2900.

If notice of cancellation is received less than one calendar month prior to the scheduled beginning of the program or after the program has begun there will be no refund of any money paid.

3. If a student is provisionally enrolled, on condition of achieving evidence of acceptable English Language Proficiency, and the student cannot achieve the required level, all tuition fees and charges corresponding to the IES Foundation Year will be refunded less a charge of AUD $300. In such cases, if the student was referred to IES by an agency, the sum paid to this agency will be non-refundable.

4. If a student becomes a permanent resident of Australia during the program no refunds are payable. No guarantees of university places will apply to such students.

5. IES agrees to refund all money paid if the offer of a place is withdrawn, except where the offer was made on the basis of incorrect or incomplete information supplied by the student. In this case the same amounts will be retained as detailed under point two above. The date of the offer being withdrawn will correspond with the date of notice of cancellation in point two above.

6. IES will consider the following exceptional circumstances as grounds for a student’s withdrawal from the program:

(a) Illness or disability

(b) Death of a close family member

(c) Political, civil or natural event which prevents the full payment of fees

When acceptable documentary evidence is produced, refunds will be at the discretion of IES.

7. In the unlikely event of IES being unable to deliver the course in full, the student will be offered a refund of all the course money paid to date.

The refund will be paid within two weeks of the day on which the course ceased being provided. Alternatively, if IES is unable to provide a refund, the Tuition Protection Service (TPS) will place the student in a suitable alternative course at no extra cost to you. Finally, if the TPS cannot place the student in a suitable alternative course, or if this is not possible, the student will be eligible for a refund as calculated by the TPS manager.

8. Refunds will be made to the student in Australian dollars or equivalent, as at the date of transaction, and will exclude currency transfer charges.

9. This agreement and the availability of a complaints and appeals process does not remove the right to take further action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.

Student Responsibilities:

Students must abide by all terms and conditions of their student visa and rules and regulations of the college as detailed in the Student Handbook.

Students must supply IES with their current residential address, email address, mobile telephone number and emergency contact information when studying in the course and notify of any change of address within 7 days.

Students must maintain appropriate health insurance during their course.

If a student has any school-aged dependants coming to Australia with them, they will be required to pay full fees if they are enrolled in either a government or non-governmental school.

Students must retain a copy of this completed form and any subsequent written agreements or payment receipts.

Sharing Information:

IES will share the student’s academic and personal details with The University of Queensland for the purpose of subsequent enrolment into an undergraduate program and ongoing contact during the undergraduate program.

IES will provide all Australian government entities with information regarding the student as requested and in accordance with the relevant legislation. In particular, student information may be made available to Commonwealth and State agencies pursuant to obligation under the ESOS Act and National Code 2018. IES is required to advise DIBP of certain changes to a student’s enrolment and any breach by a student of a student visa condition relating to attendance or satisfactory academic performance.

IES will not provide student details to any other party without written permission from the student (or their parent/guardian if under 18) concerned.

Deferment and Termination of Enrolment:

Students may request a deferment or suspension of their studies on the grounds of compassionate or compelling circumstances.

A student may have their enrolment terminated for breaching the Code of Conduct as detailed in the Student Handbook.

A student may be refused continued enrolment into the second semester of studies if they have achieved an average academic grade of 3 or less in the first semester report.

A student may have their enrolment cancelled should they fail to pay the appropriate fees as detailed in the appropriate invoice provided.

Limit of IES’ Responsibility:

While IES emphasises the value of pastoral care and seeks to make appropriate and useful services available to students, whether a student avails him or herself of these services is a matter of individual choice. IES, its employees, agents or related entities expressly disclaim to the full extent permitted by the law any liability whatsoever arising out of or in respect of information, advice or opinion provided by IES, its employees or related entities in respect of matters other than the IES Foundation Year program itself. While IES is anxious to ensure the well being of students who are minors and will endeavour to provide reasonable supervision of such students, no responsibility is taken by IES for the conduct and upbringing of students studying in the IES Foundation Year program.


Note that all fees stated are 2016 fees and are subject to change. Fees are not subject to change once a students has been offered a place in a particular program.


Airport Reception

Students can request airport pick-up and be transported to their accommodation when they first arrive in Brisbane. Students should clearly inform IES of the date and time of their arrival. This should occur more than two business days before arrival. There is a fee for this service.

Please note that this fee is charged per airport visit.

If IES are not informed of a cancellation or flight delay in advance, this sum may be charged again for another visit. Airport pick-up is only for the student – parents should make their own arrangements.

Initial Accommodation

Many students will require accommodation to be arranged before their arrival. It is important to provide IES with details of the type of accommodation required on the application form. Students will be charged for 4 weeks rent initially, with this being included in the letter of offer.

If a student does not provide this information within 7 business days of arrival, IES will provide such accommodation at its own discretion.

If students are happy with the arrangements and would like to continue to stay, they will need to pay the appropriate fees depending on the type of accommodation.

Please note that students who choose to leave their initial accommodation before 4 weeks have passed are not entitled to any refund of money.


AHN will place students into homestay for a fee. This can be done as part of the initial accommodation arrangements (see above) or after they have started the program. Students have a better chance of obtaining a family that meets their requirements, if students submit their requirements to AHN. All homestays are visited regularly to ensure they conform to the accepted standards for homestays throughout Australia.

Students may request specific requirements such as social, religious or otherwise, and AHN will make every attempt to provide these. However, it is important to recognise that it may not be possible to source homestays of a particular profile and students should be prepared to adapt to the life of the host family during their stay.

All money should be paid directly to AHN. Students are required to be two weeks ahead in their payments. Students wishing to leave homestay should provide at least two weeks notice. Once a student has been placed into a homestay, no refund is due, whether or not the student decides to stay.

Please note the following:

  • The homestay placement fee provides for a maximum of two placements, a second option will only be provided if there is an appropriate reason why the student cannot stay with the first homestay. After this any additional placement will incur a $280 fee.
  • Parents who visit should not expect to stay with their children at a homestay family.
  • Students should expect to travel some distance to the College from their homestay.

Further information on homestay policy can be found by visiting the accommodation page on our website:

Welfare arrangements for under 18’s

Students who are under 18 years of age may require IES to approve their welfare arrangements as per the Australian Government Regulations, unless they have a relative over 21, who they will live with during their study in Australia.

Students under 18 at the time the course starts will be required to live in Acacia Cotteges or a Homestay. Details can be viewed on our website, along with the detailed description of the guardianship policy.

Please also note that students, who are under 18 when they commence their undergraduate program, can nominate IES as their guardian until their 18th birthday. Please contact IES for more details.


IES Foundation Year scholarships may not be used in conjunction with each other or any additional discounts unless otherwise specified. If a student is successful in their application for an IES Foundation Year scholarship, they will automatically be declared inelligble for another IES Foundation Year scholarship.

Unless otherwise stated, IES Foundation Year scholarships are paid retrospectively upon successful entry into The University of Queensland.


I have read, understood and agree to abide by the Terms of Enrolment.

I am aware of the extent of the tuition and living costs associated with studying in the IES Foundation Year and I am prepared to meet these costs.

I understand that the fees regarding the undergraduate course after the foundation course may vary.

I accept that IES will determine the grades that I achieve in the IES Foundation Year.

I hereby allow IES full access to my contact details and academic results that I obtain in any subsequent undergraduate program at The University of Queensland.

I hereby allow IES to take and use images and video of me for IES purposes in any media format unless otherwise stated by me.

I understand that if I provide incorrect or incomplete information, this may result in cancellation of my enrolment.

I recognise that it is my responsibility to provide all necessary documentation to support this application. I authorise IES to obtain further information where necessary.

I understand that this agreement and the availability of a complaints and appeals process does not remove the right to take further action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.

I understand that a description of the Australian Government regulations which regulate courses to international students can be found at the following web address:

I understand that signing this document and paying the first instalment of fees constitutes a written agreement between IES and myself.