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3. Scholarship
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4. Academic History
Provide below details of the highest level of studies attempted. You will need to upload certified copies of academic records to IES once you receive your username and password to login into MyFy. An official translation in English is also required if this documentation has been issued in another language.
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5. English Proficiency
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6. Select Desired Program
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7. Select Subjects to Study
Please select the three subjects that you would like to study (these are additional to the compulsory Mathematics and Academic English for University Studies)

Please note that these can easily be changed after your enrolment has been processed.
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8. Parent / Guardian Information
9. Emergency Details
Please provide contact details for your doctor. In case of an emergency while studying in Australia, local doctors or a hospital or the Health Insurance Company may wish to contact your doctor.
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11. University of Queensland Referral
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13. Visa Requirements
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14. Terms and Conditions
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